Consultancy Services, Project Planning & Highway Authority Liaison

Tiger Highways are adaptable to supply specialist advice in various scenarios.


If you are too busy or unfamiliar with programming and arranging works or events on the highway then our project planning and highway authority liaison service is designed to take the stress out of booking "roadspace".


Our experts and will handle all the traffic management pre planning, leaving you to focus on your core business or organise your event. We can undertake site visits and negotiate with the highway authorities and emergency services to identify the most appropriate traffic management solution. We work with all relevant parties to achieve the safest and most cost effective system to to enable your works to proceed.


For larger projects, we integrate with major organisations and supply consultants as a stand alone service to support project and construction managers delivering major schemes, working directly with and on behalf of our clients. We advise on design, compliance, best practice and can manage and improve traffic management services from other providers to ensure the most effective system is undertaken to meet the demand of the highway authority yet enable the most effective delivery of the project to minimise risks, costs and delays.