Safety & Savings through Simplicity

Hello, I'm Kevin Holland, founder of Tiger Highways. 

In 2013 my frustrations with other providers in the traffic management industry made me realise there was a genuinely better way of doing business. Companies and individuals were seeking reliability and rarely getting it within their previous traffic management suppliers, frustrated with poor service, high costs, false promises and the frequent bad advice leaving clients trying to work with really awful traffic management designs and advice.


You won't get that at Tiger Highways. 


That's a promise.


We design for ourselves.

We design for other TM companies.

We advise what is arguably one of the country's most innovative and leading highway authorities.

We advise several leading civil engineering and construction companies. 

But we also advise school parents on parades, sole traders, religious groups, sports and music event organisers.  We'll advise you too.


It doesn't matter if you need to repair a small garden wall at the ege of your property, undertake major construction works on a grade separated interchange in the middle of London, invite 50,000 people to a field in the middle of nowhere or want to get an understanding of the requirements of working on public roads.


Give us a call. We'll make it simple.



Managing Director

Tiger Highways