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I'm Kevin Holland, the proud founder of Tiger Highways.


Back in 2013, my journey began with a realisation - a realisation that the traffic management industry could offer so much more.


I empathised with the frustrations of companies and individuals dealing with unreliable service, exorbitant costs, unfulfilled promises, and misguided advice from their previous traffic management providers. It was clear that a better way of doing business was not just desired, but necessary.


At Tiger Highways, we make you a simple promise: You won't experience any of those frustrations with us.


Our approach is unique. We design not only for ourselves but for other traffic management providers as well. We have been trusted advisors to one of the country's most innovative and leading highway authorities Transport for London, as well as several prominent civil engineering and construction firms.


However, our expertise extends beyond industry giants to include school parents, sole traders, religious groups, and event organizers in sports and music. And yes, we're here to advise you too.


Whether you're repairing a small garden wall or undertaking major construction in the heart of London, organizing a large-scale event in a remote field, or simply seeking guidance on working with public roads, Tiger Highways has got you covered.


Give us a call, and we'll simplify the process for you.



Kevin Holland

Managing Director

Tiger Highways